From Bali with Love

Bali 55% is a dark milk chocolate bean to bar that is produced in Belgium by chocolate maker Mario Vandeneede. The chocolate is made with cacao grown in rural Jembrana – located in Bali, Indonesia.

Due to the limited production this bar is offered according to availability.   

Cinta chocolate logo


Cinta means ‘love’ in Indonesian.
It’s the love for chocolate and the love for Indonesia that led to the creation of Cinta Chocolate.


Cinta purchases its cacao directly from the cooperatives
at a higher price than the fair trade minimum.

Mario Vandeneede


Once the cacao beans reach Belgium, Mario Vandeneede, the chocolate maker behind Chocolatoa, then roasts, cracks, grinds and winnows the cacao.

The aim

The aim of Cinta is to develop fine Belgian chocolate from Indonesian orgin cacao with focus on sustainability and fair trade.